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Brian Rynn
Dependency Modelling Tool

I have been approached by our Project Management Office with a challenge to undertake a pre-procurement market scan to find a data modelling capability to display the dependencies across a large volume of projects (i.e. approximately 130 projects with multiple dependencies to other projects). These projects are currently managed across multiple clusters or teams.  Data relating to each project, including the linked dependencies, is captured in one central data sheet.  This data sheet must be accessible to key users (concurrently) to enable data to be added, amended and deleted. A capability is required to store and analyse the data with the ability to produce a visual model of all of the projects and their dependencies (preferably using nodes and lines in the form of a network model).  The capability must display projects in a way that allows the user to identify the individual project and where it sits in the portfolio's organisational structure (i.e. colour code for clusters other filters etc.)  The visual model must highlight those projects with the most dependencies to aid the prioritisation of delivery (e.g. the project node increases in size based upon the number of dependencies).  Multiple users must be able to access and view the latest visual model concurrently. Additionally the viewer needs the ability to apply filters to the model to target specific clusters/teams, individual projects etc.  These filters should be defined, stored and available to all users.  The viewer would also like the ability to manipulate the visible model (i.e. to change the position of the nodes on screen to ease viewing).  The user must be able to export the selected view of the model into multiple formats. The visual model should always be based upon the latest data set. Ideally the solution should be Open Standard or Open Source but all potential options will be considered. Any information regarding potentially suitable products would be appreciated.