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Chris Stevens
How can the Crown Commercial Service deliver a framework agreement that enables the Wider Public Sector to improve the efficiency and delivery of back-office services, to deliver savings, and support economic growth?

CCS proposes setting up a new Payroll, Human Resources (HR) and Finance Services framework (PHRFii), likely to comprise of multiple lots, and opportunities for multiple suppliers. The consultation period has been extended and we will update you on our plans for this procurement by the end of this financial year (March 2015). A PIN was published in May ( for this opportunity and this is stage 1 of engagement with industry to explore options, and we may invite interested suppliers to engage in a second stage, which may be a face to face meeting. CCS would welcome your ideas and views on the following:

  • What do you see as the main drivers for customers relating to outsourcing some/all of their back-office services?
  • What PHRFii type services are public sector customers asking you for/about?
  • In your view, would a multi-vendor rather or single vendor framework agreement provide the best opportunity to deliver a reasonable return for industry and the most value for money for the wider public sector and tax-payer?
  • What additional/complementary services and innovations could you offer to wider public sector customers?
  • In what way/s could the public sector change its approach to the PHRFii procurement to make this a more attractive business proposition to industry, and how would this benefit industry and the public sector?
  • What type of information would you require at tender stage in order for your company to bid competitively for this procurement?
  • Which sectors/customer groups do you see as your target, growing market?
  • What would you consider the ideal length of framework agreement and subsequent call-off contract for these services and why?

 We are particularly interested to hear how to best encourage the small to medium sized enterprises in the market to participate in a way that will deliver the most economically advantageous commercial relationship for all parties, including innovative service delivery mechanisms. Thank you.