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Adam Hill
How can the Education Funding Agency (EFA) achieve value for money (vfm) via the establishment of a regional framework?

The EFA is proposing to set up a regional framework, comprising 5 lots (regions), which will become operational in the summer of 2014.


The purpose of this regional framework is to provide EFA with a procurement vehicle for its capital programmes, including but not limited to free schools, UTC's, studio schools, ACMF, basic need.


Local authorities and educational establishments will also be able to access the EFA Regional Framework.

The scope of the Regional Framework is as follows:

  • It will divide England into 5 regions, namely London and south east; south west; midlands; north west; north east.
  • There will be 7 contractors per region.
  • It will be set up for 4 years Users of the framework will be EFA, free schools, UTC’s, studio schools, academies, local authorities and other educational establishments.
  • The framework will be used for mainly refurbishment works, but there will be some new build.
  • Refurbishment will also include boiler, window, roof replacements, removal of asbestos.
  • The value of projects will predominantly be between c£3 - £5m, but could include projects with a value range from c£200,000 - c£10m.
  • A user fee will not be levied.
  • A contractor fee will not be levied In order to select a contractor from the framework, a mini competition will be held, based on price and quality.
  • Management of the framework will include performance management and benchmarking.

The EFA is keen to engage with the market prior to issuing the OJEU notice at the end of November 2013, and would welcome feedback from potential suppliers on how best to structure the Regional Framework in order to widen the market that is currently engaged.


We are particularly interested to hear how to best encourage the market to participate in tendering for the framework on offer in a way that will deliver the most economically advantageous commercial relationship for all parties.


We are looking to use suggestions and proposals from the market to assist in the context of our current thinking on how the Regional Framework should be formulated in order to maximise opportunities for wider market engagement and participation, where that is appropriate.