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BETA:This is a trial service - your feedback will help us to improve it.

Andie Beaven
Mystery Shopper App

The Mystery Shopper Team currently wants to make its main service and also how we share results and information more user friendly and modern and we wonder how can smartphones help us to engage with our customers faster, better in a more business savvy way beyond just "putting it on a website"Information we share with our customers is sometimes one-way and consists of sharing trends and reports about how the service has been used to help our customers. The main service itself is a complaints/customer feedback type service and the team investigate the complaints that our customers have.We think we might like a "Mystery Shopper" app so our customers can get in touch quickly using their smartphones but we are interested in hearing a range of ideas. To inform our business case, we are investigating how feasible a product such as this would be, and to aid this process, we would like suppliers to put forward suggestions of how it might work and/or look in an engaging and user friendly way and content we would like it to feature includes the scope and remit of the service, case histories and trends, the complaint function itself and also the ability for customers to ask a question or speak more generally about procurement practice (good and bad). Please read more information on what the Mystery Shopper team does and what the service we offer is by following the link below :