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Nick Isherwood
Policy & Process Visualiser

I have been approached to market scan for a product that would support the identification of commonality, duplication and inconsistency in a visual map that would show the architecture of law and associated processes.This then would work as a mechanism for getting people to collaborate across boundaries and develop enterprise processes.Or in other words, you'd place your legislation and guidance from a various of lines of buisness into an application and it would flag up where duplication exists and where a change in one document would have implications in others. And it would do all this is a easy to read visual map. The very high level requirements are;1. Must map process (in a standardized way); 2. Should be optimized for policy (i.e. law and regulation) process mapping; 3. Must include a proven methodology for showing plain language law; 4. Must allows for the input of law, processes, services, customer types, services and case law; 5. Must allow for the input of other processes; 6. Must automatically reference the links between any and all of them; 7. Must automatically generate visual maps that show the legal architecture that reveal common legal and process entities/objects.8. Must be able to generate visual maps at poster-scale (for example ISO A0 (one square metre) and above to 4A0 for comms and culture change purposes.), 9. Must be intuitive to use (Require nothing more than a brief familiarity session) 10. Must shows policy changes over time, 11. Must prevent invalid links being entered; 12 Must allow for different levels of detail (helicopter view to fine grained); 13. Must be web based and accessible by IE6 onwards; 14. Must allow for exports of read only maps to standard programs like MS Visio or open source drawing programs that can be shared without the process mapping licence; 15.          Must be able to generates reports in Word and Excel; 16.  Must include authorisation and role management; 17. Must be able to import data from other visual sources for example mind mapping applications; 18. Must be able to export to OPA for policy modelling; 19. Should have keyword recognition and classification. Any assistance in product identification greatefully received.